Rediscovering Relationship with MySelf

We as modern, Western people, expend time, effort and money seeking to understand who we are.  In these six sessions we will explore some of the influences that have shaped us, and ways to create a self we will want to live with, others will want to relate to, and God will be able to use in the service of all that is Sacred.



The names of the six two-hour sessions which make up this Course are:

Brilliant, Gorgeous, Fabulous

Powerful Beyond Measure   

Under the Waterline

Keeping Body & Soul Together

Good Vibrations     

Celebrating My Sacred Self.

Rediscovering Relationship with My Passion

Our passions make us most aware of our personal power, energy and joy.

Many internal and external factors influence how successfully we manifest these passions in our lives. In these six sessions we consciously explore ways to manage those factors, and to discover what gives us power, energy, and joy as we serve the Sacred through the church.



The names of the six two-hour sessions      which make up this Course are:

Did You Call Me?

Peaks and Valleys

Shadows in the Valleys


The Perfect Swing

Here We Are, Send Us! about Relationships...

       ...Intentional, Authentic, Relationships...

             ...with the Sacred, our Selves, and our Passions.

                      CLM transforms lives                            and inspires people to more directed, clear,   passionate involvement

 in their own lives

 and in the life of the planet,

 through the support of their local MCC.

Rediscovering Relationship with the Sacred

While many would agree that relationship with the Sacred is the fundamental beginning of all faith paths, this transforming experience is often lost when we exchange our own spiritual vitality for empty religious practices.  In these six sessions, we will explore what it means to be transformed by an encounter with the Sacred, and rediscover loving God with heart, soul and mind.


The names of the six two-hour sessions which make up this Course are:

Bring Many Names    

Beyond Belief  

Church: The Body Eclectic

Friends of God and Prophets  

Staying Alive

Celebrating the Sacred


Creating a Life that Matters