Rev Jo Bell and Cheryl Meyer

Rev Jo Bell and her partner Cheryl Meyer live and breathe and sleep - CLM.

Jo as one of the three authors and Cheryl as part of the design team; they have kept CLM

at the forefront of their ministry and life work since it was birthed in Toronto in 2005.

Both master faciliators, entrepreneurs, business owners and professional facilitators -

they have personally trained hundreds of certified facilitators from over seven countries,

which has grown to thousands of lives transformed as people engage the journey that is CLM.

CLM is a life work...

Creating a Life That Matters is a three-course curriculum which explores ways to rediscover relationship with the Sacred, with MySelf, and with my Passion.


Graduates of Creating a Life That Matters will have been challenged to

Broaden their understanding of all that is Sacred; Integrate self awarenesses into being an authentic, aware leader; and live their passion intentionally through the life and work of the church.